Nudie Jeans Co. x Weavers Door Denim Repair Pop-up

Last weekend saw the Nudie Jeans Co. mobile repair station visit the Weavers Door store as part of the Swedish denim labels Repair Tour 2018, a visit welcomed by many Weavers Door customers who’d been collecting their damaged denim at the back of the wardrobe for some time. Over the course of two days Nudie Jeans Co. repair specialist Karl revived over 30 pairs of jeans of varying sized rips, tears and more impressive crotch blow outs giving them a new lease of life.

Speaking to Karl over the course of the event, it was insightful to hear more about the Nudie Jeans Co. story, their commitment to organic cotton use and the effort put into recycling denim. Staff member Reece was able to quiz Karl in-between repairs about his role at Nudie Jeans Co. and a few questions about his time spent travelling around the Country patching up peoples jeans:

What Nudie fit do you like the most, what fit are you wearing now?

‘Sleepy Sixten’ at the minute for me. The fit is a new relaxed one we have done this past season which got created as a part of a capsule collection that included a camo jacket. I used to always wear slimmer fit’s like the ‘lean dean’, but now I go for the more relaxed fit just for comfort. This is also a selvedge denim too in the Sixten, which is always good to have in the stash.

What was the most jeans you have had to repair at a Nudie repair station event?

So the most Nudie’s that I have ever had to repair in the space of like a two day event was up in an independent store in Dublin, Ireland believe it or not. 58 pairs I think I completed if I remember over the course of two days. Yeah it was mad, like people would be coming in by the minutes, a que to get their Nudies patched up. But, after the weekend I’d got them all done the best I could. I think everyone left pretty happy.

Which Nudie store are you primarily based?

I am based in the Soho store myself up in London. That’s my Nudie base when I’m not travelling around the country with the repair station. I also fly back and forth to Gothenburg, Sweden to the headquarters. I am back up there actually just before Christmas to check out the new collection and make sure it is all ready for the new upcoming season.

Why do you think the repair station events are a good idea?       

I think the collaboration between Nudie and independents up and down the country has been good, not only for people to get their jeans repaired for free, but to also bring them to the store to check out the seasonal collections you guys have. The events get people talking about their local independents and tempt them to come into the store, which is always good.

It was interesting seeing some of the wear patterns and fits being brought in-store for repair which brought back some memories as there’s been several fit changes over the time Weavers Door has stocked Nudie Jeans Co. Currently the favourites on the denim bench are the Grim Tim, Lean Dean and our most recent addition, Skinny Lin.

Grim Tim

The longest serving Nudie Jeans Co. fit at Weavers Door, Grim Tim has a strong following for its all-round fit, a slim straight that we usually compare to a Levi’s 511, the Grim Tim has a mid waist, button fly, straight leg throughout and a slim opening. A denim classic in-store that can be effortlessly dressed up and down no matter the occasion.

£120.00 £89.99


Lean Dean

Introduced to the Weavers Door fit selection several years ago, Lean Dean quickly gained traction and is currently our favourite Nudie Jeans fit in-store both from a staff and customer point of view. The Lean Dean is a slim tapered fit with a mid waist, zip fly, tapered leg  and slim leg opening. In comparison with the Grim Tim we find the Lean Dean is generally made from stretch denim which offers great comfort and fit over time.

£120.00 £89.99


Skinny Lin

The latest Nudie Jeans fit on the denim bar, the Skinny Lin is a tight fit with mid curved waist, zip fly and a narrow leg opening. Not for every pair of legs out there but for those that can handle a close fit the Skinny Lin is comfy even though close.



Following the final repair on Saturday we headed to our local independent radio station Melodic Distraction to record an hour radio special with London-based DJ duo Champagne Funk ahead of the Repair After Party at the ‘Aerie’ above the Buyers Club. (More on that below.)

Listen back to the Weavers Door x Nudie Jeans Co. Present Champagne Funk on Mixcloud below.


Saturday evening saw us head to the Aerie music space, a collaboration by the Anti Social Jazz Club and Buyers Club which provided the perfect setting to wind down after the two day in-store repair event. Vintage and recycled Nudie Jeans decorated the brick walls alongside a projection of the Repair Tour film documenting the process from start to finish.

A cocktail special curated by the Buyers Club team called ‘Indigo Spirit’ was inspired by the Swedish denim labels story and included Absolute, Blue Curacao, lemon juice topped with ginger ale and a Lemon zest garnish. DJ sets by Anti Social Jazz Club residents and Londoners Champagne Funk plus a live sax and beats session by Liverpool-based producer and saxophonist duo Ranga & Harambe took us into the early hours.

The Weavers Door team would like to thank everyone who attended the repair event and supported Nudie Jeans in their ‘Get The Balance Right’ campaign, highlighting the importance of balancing the consumption; buy fewer but better quality products, repair what we already own and prolong the lifetime of our garments.


Nudie Jeans Co. | Melodic Distraction | Champagne Funk | Aerie Music | Buyers Club

Photography By Ben Lloyd & Alex Natt