From it’s humble maritime beginnings dating back to the 19th century, the cable knit is come a long way from it’s salty origins and by doing so has proved itself by doing so as being a substantial rugged garment favoured at first by fisherman and seafarers alike to being taken under the wing of the preppy Ivy League style we all know and admire. With the likes of Presley and Mr Matthew Broderick (Also known as Ferris Bueller) sporting this classic menswear staple which is as practical as knitwear comes  is a trusty companion that should be in the wardrobe ready and waiting for when the weather drops and layering becomes a necessity.


It’s no surprise we tend to look to the our British labels for some crucial knitwear options for the colder months, we find this way, we don’t only both share a passion for good, honest well crafted clothing both the added extra that we all know too well how cold it gets in Britain when it wants to. So we appreciated the arrival of the Baseball Cable Knit Cardigan from our good friends at You Must Create (YMC) which is one of our recommended investments of the season. This  all over cable knit baseball style cardigan is crafted from 100% Extra-fine Merino Wool and features leather knot ‘football’ buttons for the full fastening and a heavy ribbed shawl collar (you can never be disappointed by a YMC collar). Brilliantly finished, designed and crafted to last many cold Winters to come this knitwear piece is highly recommended.