Lamino by Nudie Jeans Co.

07/05/2015 16:08

Nudie Jeans Co. make hardwearing denim and beautiful washes but they never shy away from trying something new. As would be the case when Swedish furniture producer Swedese approached Nudie Jeans Co and asked they join them celebrate their 70th anniversary by collaborating on a interpretation of the Lamino Chair, a classic that was first designed in 1956 by Swedese founder Yngve Ekström.

Since 1956, over 300.000 Lamino chairs have been produced by skilled craftsmen at the factory in Vaggeryd, Småland, Sweden. With Swedese and Nudie Jeans Co. sharing  the same view on sustainability, and that the materials both produce would work really well together they went ahead and created Lamino by Nudie Jeans: A tribute to sustainable design.

The materials selected for the collaboration were done so by their ability to age beautifully. The frame was made with untreated beech veneer, with a few layers of orange colored veneer in-between – which of course comes from the orange stitching of Nudie Jeans co. selvage. The seat comes in three different variations: a dry, organic, Kaihara selvage option, a pre-washed, hand-treated selvage option made by Nudie Jeans Co.'s washing experts at ITAC in Italy, and a natural leather option, vegetable tanned by Tärnsjö Garveri.

“To have made one good chair maybe isn’t such a bad lifetime accomplishment” Yngve Ekström.

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Styled & Modeled by The Decorum
Photography by Louis Bever

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We are the first to admit we enjoy being the denim geeks that we are, if that's shameful then so be it but the boundaries the indigo fabric can reach are limitations that not many fabrications can achieve, the ability to change shape and aesthetic along with what we as indivduals do in them gives denim it's beautiful character that only leather can compare to, if only we got better looking with age! The Spring/Summer 2012 collection by the Japanese denim experts brings not only a array of well crafted, premiiumquality denim's and washes to the denim bench but also some brilliant apparel to compliment.






"As the dark end of the street turns into the bright side of the road, we see the AW11 man at Edwin emancipating himself from his solitary existence in the shadow’s of lone crusading, by ingratiating himself into a tribe, his desire to roll with likeminded souls underpinned by a feeling of kinship and belonging, and a need for buddies.
The road trip aesthetic is maintained for SS12 albeit lighter in hue and tailored towards Big Sur as opposed to the Mid West. The bike, the intoxicating odour of petrol and the need for speed remain.
To ascertain the season’s highway aesthetic is to dissect the look and feel of the Edwin motorbike brotherhood ‘Sons of the Summer’ thereby illustrating the highlights of what is the most comprehensive spring summer collusion of fabric, function and form from Edwin for many years." EDWIN Japan.







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Last Thursday we hosted our first denim evening along with our good friends at EDWIN Japan, the concept of the evening, well putting it simply we wanted to help anyone who find's it a difficult and time consuming task to find the perfect pair of jeans for them, as an individual. We put ourselves in the minds of our customers and realised how hard it must be to find a well cut, good fitting jean let alone it being the right weight or denim, type of wash and have the detailing each of us look for specifically when looking for that replacement for the trustworthy jean that has served you well but has also seen better days.


A thank you goes out to everyone who braved the torrential rain and attend the denim evening, while being in good company we found everyone had a good natter about the indigo stuff with the store team and the denim expert himself Jack who represented the Japanese denim brand EDWIN Japan. Along with helping with fits and finishes we had Japanese beer, Sushi,  Hotdogs and Mulled Wine to keep everyone well fed and watered.

The highlight of the evening goes to the brilliant EDWIN Japan behind the scenes video's that cover the ethos and craftsmanship that normually goes unseen behind such a humble heritage denim label. A congratulations goes out to David who entered the EDWIN Japan competition and answered the the question correctly with 'Rainbow Selvage@ to win himself a pair of authentic ED-71 Dry Red Selvage Denim's plus a not available to buy limited EDWIN Japan tote bag on the night. A big thankyou also goes to Will and Liam of The Sample who covered the evening and got all the brilliant photos above and below.


















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