Designer Pooch

20/02/2013 13:38

Over recent years there has been a surge in 'designer dogs'. From handbag dogs such as Chihuahuas and Pugs to hybrids such as Jackabees and Labradoodles. The list of fashionable pooches has been neverending as of recent.

However there is a new designer dog on the loose - Menswear Dog. A fantastic blog from New York which features some of the best rig outs styled by the owner's Shiba Inu. So if you're in need of a little break from work or just a laugh; why not head over and check out this stylish dog's best outfits.

(Insert 'Who Let The Dogs Out' joke)


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Not too long ago our store manager Lee spent the day with good friends of the store Steve Halsall and Rob Wilkinson to curate a short film as part of a series we have planned to feature on the Weavers Door website, blog and further. Our first in the short film series features Lee on his Sunday wander to the store on his bike companion Florence (The Weavers Door bicycle), Lee makes his way from the Camp and Furnace on Greenland Street, in the ever inspiring Baltic triangle and explores only some of Liverpool's great architecture highlights in particular the Anglican Cathedral before having a refreshing stop at Host Restaurant (Recently featured in the Weavers Door Journal, Issue 2), one of our favourite places to eat in the city. Lee finishes his cycle at the store, which if you haven't found before is on Harrington Street, fitting street name we know considering we champion authentic heritage menswear. Lee wears the Oliver Spencer donkey jacket in bbberton grey, Oliver Spencer button down oxford in Torside Red, Universal Works Japanese Flower Scarf, Edwin Japan ED-55 Quartz denim jeans in lumber wash and Grenson Stanley brogue shoes in tan with Dainite soles



We would like to thank both Steve and Rob for their free time, commitment and creativity which allowed us to curate this short film and forward to the next in the series.

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Store Playlist: Dan Croll

02/11/2012 15:55

We can't stop listening to friend of the store Dan Croll's From Nowhere. It has taken centre stage in this week's in-store playlist.


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Last Thursday we hosted our first denim evening along with our good friends at EDWIN Japan, the concept of the evening, well putting it simply we wanted to help anyone who find's it a difficult and time consuming task to find the perfect pair of jeans for them, as an individual. We put ourselves in the minds of our customers and realised how hard it must be to find a well cut, good fitting jean let alone it being the right weight or denim, type of wash and have the detailing each of us look for specifically when looking for that replacement for the trustworthy jean that has served you well but has also seen better days.


A thank you goes out to everyone who braved the torrential rain and attend the denim evening, while being in good company we found everyone had a good natter about the indigo stuff with the store team and the denim expert himself Jack who represented the Japanese denim brand EDWIN Japan. Along with helping with fits and finishes we had Japanese beer, Sushi,  Hotdogs and Mulled Wine to keep everyone well fed and watered.

The highlight of the evening goes to the brilliant EDWIN Japan behind the scenes video's that cover the ethos and craftsmanship that normually goes unseen behind such a humble heritage denim label. A congratulations goes out to David who entered the EDWIN Japan competition and answered the the question correctly with 'Rainbow Selvage@ to win himself a pair of authentic ED-71 Dry Red Selvage Denim's plus a not available to buy limited EDWIN Japan tote bag on the night. A big thankyou also goes to Will and Liam of The Sample who covered the evening and got all the brilliant photos above and below.


















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The Big Denim Question:

24/11/2011 12:53

As you probably know by now we are having a nice shin dig with our good friends at EDWIN Japan, on Thursday the 1st December along with the start of late night shopping (Every Thursday until 8pm) with Christmas edging ever closer we are hosting a DENIM EVENING at the Liverpool Store, 1 Cavern Walks, Harrington Street. The evening will we dedicated to the blue stuff, with representatives of EDWIN Japan attending to answer and help on any denim questions or queries you have always had about your denim jeans but never been in a comfortable place to get the answers you deserve.


The evening will allow everyone attending to find their perfect fit and shape of jean with the help of Weavers Door and EDWIN Japan. While being in good company hot food and drink will be on offer along with us showing EDWIN Japan’s craft videos featuring the complicated, high quality denim making process every pair of EDWIN Japan denims go through and the iconic film The Deer Hunter


As part of our Denim Evening we are giving everyone attending a chance win a pair of ED-71 Red Listed Selvage Jeans in Unwashed Raw Denim plus a not available to buy limited EDWIN Japan tote bag. The beauty of Raw Denim is it’s a blank canvas allowing it’s owner to make them their own through time, wear and dedication.


The Question:

What famous coloured selvage was used in first ever pair of 16oz EDWIN denims back in 1961&  is still used in the collection to this day ?


To confirm your attendance to the Weavers Door x EDWIN Japan Denim Evening and enter our competition to win a pair of ED-71 Red Listed Selvage Jeans in Unwashed Raw Denim please send your Name, Contact Number and Answer to


Good luck and we look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday 1st December.

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