Folk Clothing, who simply put, are the devil for the details, are back again for Spring/Summer with the latest offering of well crafted, eye catching yet subtle clothing for the warmer months. As always with Folk its not a case of feeling the need to push the boundaries beyond sense on a design ethos level, they will never add to their collection for the sake of it, either will you see a third sleeve to a shirt. What Folk do, do so well and the reason all the Weavers Door team are huge fans, is that they concentrate on the finer details, if a garment needs improving on a design level then that its exactly what they will set out to achieve through re-design, but if the garment is exactly know it should be then the focus moves on to the fabrications, the buttons, the details. Find the Spring/Summer collection here.








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As the idiom expresses 'The devil is in the details' and when it comes to London based Folk Clothing they could of came up with this term as its the details, time, effort and thoughts that go into each collections design process that means Folk stands out on a rail, not be being out there, wild or putting a third sleeve on a shirt, but by simply taking easy to wear garments and carefully choosing where these details are to be found, be it a hidden pocket, stitch detail or button everything is thorough while be understated. It's this design ethos that Folk started with and still champion to this day that makes us fall for every collection and makes us proud to present to our friends and customers. Check out our Spring/Summer Folk Clothing Collection here.










Posted in Design By Lee Fleming

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