Not only did the lads at The Sample cover our 1st Birthday party and get some brilliant snaps of the event with us celebrating reaching the landmark of an amazing first year in business, they were also kind enough to get snaps of our after party which followed the main event at our Liverpool Store on Harrington Street. To carry on the evening’s celebrations our friends and customers joined us at Santa Chupitos, a fantastic cocktail bar which can be found on the corner of Parr Street and Slater Street, be warned its not the easiest to find so look hard, it’s well worth it. Santa Chupitos (or the saint of little drinks) joined us in the Birthday spirit by offering everyone a special cocktail on the evening for one night only, it just so happened to be called “The Weavers Door” consisting of St Germain, Gin, Lime, Bitters, Ting and Soda Cream. The taste was refreshing, clean and went down easy, I know this too well as after having ten cocktails without any touching the sides.













Again, we thank all our friends and customers who lasted the distance and came to us to Santa Chupitos, to the lads at The Sample who got some great snaps of the after party celebrations which were in full swing into the early hours and to Santa Chupitos were good enough to host the after party, if you haven’t found yourself sipping their cocktails and dancing away to their resident DJ’s. Not found Santa Chupitos its well worth making a diversion on your next night out as there’s good times to be had!